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Our Company:

In business since 1960, this family owned tent rental company is still setting up the best tents that can be made. At A-1 Tent Rental we manufacture our own tents, and have a large selection of quality tents (over 300) that are ready to be setup for your next event. All tents are constructed of water and mildew resistant, 16 oz. woven, vinyl-coated, polyester fabric. Each tent is certified flame retardant by California fire code and is labeled accordingly.


The Tents:

Tents sizes range from 10" X 10' to and including 100' X 300'. We have many, many different sizes to choose from. Contact us, we're sure we'll have just the right sized tent for your needs.


Using technology that we developed, we have the capabilities to setup tents on uneven foundations.  So if you need a tent to shade a section of bleachers, we can do it.


We also supply:  Bleachers, Lighting, Flags, Stages, Tables, Chairs, Theater Roping, and much more. We've got you covered. Really!

We're Your Tent Source:

What ever your needs, from a store sale, to a wedding, we want to be your tent company. Let us prove to you that we can come in ON TIME and ON BUDGET. Our crews will be there for the "setup" and "tear down" when we say we will. And there will never be any unexpected charges. When we quote you a price, that's what it will be.

Picture Your Next Event, Under A TENT!

Fill Out The Form Above, Or Just Call Us, We Look Forward To Speaking To You.

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